Celebrating Spring in Europe

We are in awe of European spring every year. This year however, it’s a very different time, when we are unable to walk around the Wallace Fountains in Paris, France, find the famous Beethoven House in Bonn, Germany, or visit Grundtvigs Kirke in Copenhagen, Denmark, all while indulging in the beautiful sight of cherry blossom.

Europe turns into a real fairytale coloured by the magic of changing seasons.

Although cherry blossoms in Europe, and around the world, are traditionally celebrated by picnicking with family and friends under the blossoming cherry trees, the world is isolating from one another today robbing us from this wonderful experience. It doesn’t have to be a total loss of this beautiful experience.

Sure, it may not be the same as being there, but taking a virtual tour through the European cherry blossom hot spots is available to all of us and time we choose. Give it a try and you might be surprised how much fun you have.

Wondrous Spain

Can you imagine looking out at beautiful mountains, covered in white, but with no snow to be seen? This wonder of nature exists, and it is called the Jerte Valley, Spain.

With the arrival of spring, this area of the Extremadura Region is unique, with more than two million cherry trees coming into white blossom – a stunning display. March is often the best month to visit the valley but since we aren’t travelling to the valley physically we wanted to share this magical experience with you today. This place looks like a fairytale with this natural wonder of two million cherry trees blossoming at once.

Located in the South-west of Spain and bordering Portugal, Extremadura translated literally, means the land on the outskirts of Douro, the Douro being one of the more important rivers crossing Portugal and Spain. Apart from the magical blossoming season, this area is full of adventures, from wildlife reserves, medieval villages and excellent cuisine, in which cherries play a special springtime role, of course.

Trailing Blossomed Switzerland

Switzerland is blossoming this spring lifting spirits, and there are a few very special places we love. In Aargau Jura, the largest holiday destination located between Basel and Zurich, the white cherry blossom trees have just begun to blossom in April, sprinkling white confetti across the rolling green hills.

The affluent and beautiful lakeside town of Zug is also known as Switzerland’s cherry country, and located a mere 30 minute drive from Zurich.

The visual feast that is the country’s cherry blossom season isn’t only in rural Switzerland. The city of Bern is home the beautiful Rose Garden, with the Japanese cherry trees here lit up in pastel pink from April.

There are many more magical cherry blossom trails in the country.

Hanami in Romania

The Japanese custom of hanami, referring to the viewing of the sakura (cherry blossom) flowers, is also loved and observed in Romania. In Bucharest, spring celebrations start mid March or sometimes April, in the capital’s Herăstrău Park, now renamed King MichaeII.

Besides the famous Bucharest park, one of the oldest and most beautiful boulevards in the capital city, little Paris here, is Dacia boulevard. Here you can admire old charming villas and chill on a bench in the Ioanid park, enjoying your cherry blossom watching.

Today, very few people are able to enjoy hanami due to the current health restrictions in Europe. However, once the pandemic is over, this is our first destination to visit – Bucharest can really surprise you.

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