Bansko, Bulgaria

Embark on an exhilarating journey to Bulgaria, where the majestic Pirin Mountain, Rila Mountain and Rhodope Mountain’s await and offer unparallelled skiing experiences that capture the essence of adventure and joy. In these picturesque landscapes, you will discover remarkable Ski Resorts each with its own distinct charm.

The oldest Bulgarian Winter Resort is Borovets with a history from 1896! Only 70 kilometres from Sofia, this famous skiing destination has hosted the Alpine World Cup competition twice. Borovets is cradled within the Rila Mountains, where pristine slopes and modern amenities blend seamlessly with the lively nightlife, creating an atmosphere of endless possibility and excitement.

Bansko is nestled amidst the Pirin Mountains and beckons all with its diverse array of ski slopes catering to every skill level and a vibrant Après Ski ambiance that ignites the spirit of celebration.

Meanwhile, in the embrace of the Rhodope Mountains, Pamporovo awaits with its warm hospitality, sunny weather and gentle slopes, which is perfect for families and beginners and inspires unforgettable moments of laughter and connection.

Amidst this natural splendour, Bulgaria's ski destinations offer more than just thrilling adventures. They embody affordability and value and ensure that every moment is enriched with joy and fulfillment. The Ski Resorts of Bulgaria flourish with ample snow cover creating a winter wonderland from December to March. Beyond skiing and snowboarding, immerse yourself in a myriad of winter delights from invigorating snowshoeing excursions to enriching cultural experiences that reveal the soul of Bulgaria's historic sights and traditional villages. With easy accessibility from major cities and International Airports, Bulgaria's Ski Resorts welcome you with open arms and promises a journey of discovery and wonder that will leave its mark. Embrace the magic of Bulgaria's snowy peaks and embark on an unforgettable winter adventure that will ignite your spirit and inspire a lifetime of memories.

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