Why Should You Travel in a Group

Group Travel is an amazing way to experience a new destination for many reasons. Here, at Europe Holidays, we often join a new exciting adventure with a bunch of like-minded travellers. Many of our staff members enjoy solo travel; however all of them are especially fond of travelling with others. Check out one of our recent staff adventures in Greece.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows the number of people aged 65 to 74 holidaying overseas jumped more than 80 per cent in the past five years. And the number of travelling groups of baby boomers is rising as well.

“This is a great way to do it. I have the comfort and security of the group when I want it, yet also the chance to chat to the people who live here”, says Sue Williams, Domain reporter.

Small group tours are certainly our bestsellers, here at Europe Holidays.

And why so?

1. Convenient and adventurous

It’s an easy and relaxing way to travel as everything is organised for you from accommodation, day tours, transport and even some meals.

Having this extra support can make any holiday ever so much better, more personal and insightful. It allows travellers to embark on experiences they may have never considered doing solo travelling.

Group travel often includes entrance fees to museums, on boats and other activities; so you don’t have to worry about extra costs on the road. When travelling between cities you are usually picked up at your hotel and taken to your next destination and hotel, assisted with hotel check-ins or any other admin and leisure things along the way especially if a foreign language help is needed.

2. Friends for life

One of the most popular reasons why Aussies love group travel is that you get to make new friends. It’s so much more exciting to travel with friends who enjoy things as you, right.

Also, small groups can often feel more intimate as travellers have more one on one time with the tour guide. Some people really enjoy travelling in larger groups as they can get to meet a lot more people building friendships that last a lifetime.

In fact, many strong new friendships were born on the road!

Usually, a larger group consists of 35-40 people while a small group is usually a set of 22-25 awesome people.

3. Parli Italiano?

It is much easier to travel in a group in countries where English is not generally spoken, unless you are on an Eat Pray Love mission of learning Italian in Italy.

Our travellers usually get to see a lot more than someone who travels on their own would because everything is pre-planned and well-organised. Not to mention, going with a group trip means you can leave flights, accommodation and even some meals up to the experts – how easy is that?

E non è necessaria la lingua italiana.

We’d better stop testing your Italian language skills, or you might find out that our dictionary looking up skills aren’t that amazing.

4. Very popular!

Group Travel is extremely popular for all age groups from 18 year old through to 60+ and everything in between. There are so many different types of group travel from budget camping, off the beaten track through to luxury 5 star.
No wonder so many travelers prefer group travel. This is why here, at Europe Holidays we specialise in designing small and large group tours to suit any budget and tastes.

Some of the most popular European Group Tours our travellers are particularly fond of:

Baltic Highlights has been one of the most popular group travel options we have. No wonder! The three Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have emerged from the shadow of their USSR past to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe today.

The three Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have emerged from the shadow of their USSR past to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe today.

Once these countries were surrounded in mystery, now they are open for the world to explore. Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius will seduce you with its magnificent baroque and gothic churches, rolling green hills and splendid Old Town charm with its warn cobbled streets. Even UNESCO was bewitched, by Europe’s largest baroque old town, so much so they made it a World Heritage site.

Zagreb to Venice has been one of our top sellers for a few years now. This detailed tour includes all the necessities such as transfers, meals and sightseeing.

Zagreb is distinguished by its 18th- and 19th-century Austro-Hungarian architecture. The Upper Town is the site of the Gothic, twin-spired Zagreb Cathedral and 13th-century St. Mark’s Church, with a colourfully tiled roof. It took some time but Zagreb has finally been discovered as a popular city destination in its own right.

We’ve decided to make your Croatian adventure even better by introducing a Venetian trip. A gorgeous city that is built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic lined with Renaissance and Gothic palaces.

Zagreb to Venice is a truly inspirational holiday!

Fabulous Scandinavia is an especially interesting group travel option which has been booking out super-fast.

Scandinavia is a fairytale like region in Northern Europe. The term Scandinavia historically covers the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

This tour is so well designed that it’s become one of our bestsellers, which makes sense – Scandinavia is a whole new world, very different from Australia and full of gems many wouldn’t be able to discover without our talented guides.

Classical Romania is an amazing trip! Exploring Bucharest, Curtea de Arges, Sibiu, Biertan, Sighisoara, Gura Humorului, Piatra Neamt, Brasov individually can be challenging if you don’t speak the language or are unsure about what to do and see. We’ve been offering this tour for a while, discovering something new about Romania every time.

The Romanian landscape is approximately one-third mountainous and one-third forested, with the remainder made up of hills and plains. With all this natural riches, Romania harbours a grand collection of castles and fortresses. This is a mind blowing trip indeed!

Jolly Tour ex Palermo (Sicily – Italy) has been so much fun! This group tour is a true adventure.

Volcano hiking, archaeological adventures, spiritual explorations and gorgeous coastline walks are only a few experiences this tour offers.

If you’d like more information regarding Group Tours, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 1800 242 353.