Why Aussies are Flocking to Prague

If you’re looking for European charm, historic sights and attractions, fun nightlife, very reasonable prices and lots to see and do in general then Prague is your place. And Aussies have seen the light with our own reservations team showing a 120% lift in tours that encompass Prague and the Czech Republic.

Situated almost in the geographical centre of Europe, Prague is easy to get to by road, rail or even river. Take a stroll through the hidden streets of the old town and make sure you cross the river using the historic Charles Bridge absolutely magnificent and used in the “Never Tear Us Apart” INXS music video. Best light for photos and less crowds on the bridge is dawn and especially dusk.

Other attractions on the must see list for Prague are:

Walk the History

1. Charles Bridge – mentioned above this 14th century bridge is one of the most beautiful and iconic in Europe. The bridge is 621 metres long and nearly 10 metres wide. Interestingly, it took 45 years to complete the Bridge! This grand construction has suffered several disasters and witnessed many historic events. Walking on the Bridge is almost like walking through the Czech Republic history. And it’s immensely beautiful.

Paris Museum of Modern Art is just a few minutes away from Guimet. The Museum is known for major 20th-century art and contemporary exhibitions in the eastern wing of Palais de Tokyo.

Watch the Time Go By

2. The Astronomical Clock – beautiful design and filled with cultural and astrological symbolism. Be in the city square “on the hour” for the show that only lasts for a minute and is filled with historical puppet characters both good and no-so-good and finishing with a live trumpeter. NOTE: The clock is undergoing restoration work from late 2017 until summer 2018 and may not be operational during this time.

Largest Christmas Markets Gathering

3. Old Town Square – Founded in the 12th century and with other top attractions such as Old Town Hall with its Astronomical Clock, The Church of St Nicholas, Rococo Kinsky Palace and more. It’s also the site of the main tourist office and a great place to begin your discovery of the city.

Largest Ancient Castle in the World

4. Prague Castle – Some of Prague’s most popular tourist attractions are situated inside the Castle grounds. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world, occupying an area of almost 70,000 square metres, at about 570 metres in length and an average of about 130 metres wide. WOW! The castle is located on the left bank of the river Vltava, the palace is full of museums, galleries and treasures. Get there early to make the most of it and definitely use the audio guides.

Explore pre-history of Prague

5. Prague city Museum – If you want to understand the complete history of the city this is the place though it is located a distance from many of the other attractions (Prague 1 precinct) over in the Florence area.

A Few Perks of Travelling to Prague

Compared to other areas of Europe of great cultural significance, the Czech capital is extremely good value for money.
Aussies take note: a 500ml beer (some of Europe’s best) will set you back less than $2AUD and a classic Czech meal in a good restaurant will likely cost less than $10AUD. If you’re into great cafe’s check out Cafe Louvre which has been running for more than 100 years and was a favourite of Albert Einstein.

On the entertainment side our pick is the National Theatre featuring anything from opera, ballet and modern plays. Lastly in terms of getting around, if you’re not on a tour our best advice is to make use of the excellent public transport system or take a taxi or Uber which are quite cheap ($5 to $10 for an average inner city trip).
You should find most people can speak at least basic English these days although it is only a 3rd tier language behind Czech and German. Prague is a fantastic European city, centrally located in Europe with fantastic history and culture with some of the best value for money that you will get anywhere on the continent.

If you want help picking your best Prague experience, just give our team a call on 1800 242 353.