Top 5 European Christmas Markets – Magic of Advent

Budapest, Hungary

Visit Vorosmarty Square to in the heart of the city and be transported back to your childhood. This is one of the oldest and most beautiful and internationally acclaimed markets. Embrace the Christmas spirit by trying traditional ‘flodni’ at one of the many food stalls. Visit the many handicraft shops and purchase your delightful gift items and enjoy the free concerts. Don’t miss the laser projection on the Basilica and there is usually ice skating available in the rink surrounding Christmas Tree.

Vienna, Austria

This time of year turns the City Square into a shining fairy-tale land and memories for a lifetime. Your senses will be working over with the tempting fragrances of Christmas baking, hot punch, toasted almonds and mulled wines make for a truly magical atmosphere. The Square is filled with Christmas gifts, tree decorations, sweets, warm drinks, a carousel and craft fun workshops. At the “Little Vienna Ice World”, visitors can skate through the park over a 3,000 m² ice rink and along numerous paths. A special attraction for couples in love is the tree of hearts. The Children’s World offers a carousel, a reindeer train and wonderful light installations in the park.

Passau, Germany

An impressive Christmas Market takes place in front of the St. Stephan Cathedral in the old town of Passau. Selected stalls will show and sell special Christmas goods, presents, arts and crafts. Try the tasty traditional treats, bratwurst on the grill, and always mulled wine to warm you up. Christmas specialties like Lebkuchen, gingerbread, Gluhwein and a list of others are available. Artists and craftsmen of Passau will present and exhibit their handicraft and concerts will take place for you to enjoy.

Nuremburg, Germany

The Christkindlesmarkt in the Bavarian city of Nuremberg is one of the biggest and best-known in the world. The market started back in the 17th century. The first evidence of a Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt comes from a wooden box with an inscription on the bottom which reads: ‘Regina Susanna Harßdörfferin von der Jungfrau Susanna Eleonora Erbsin zum Kindles-Marck überschickt 1628’ (essentially, ‘received on the occasion of a Christkindl market in 1628’). The traditional decorations and culinary treats have been offered by the 180 wooden stalls decorated with red and white canvas. Take a stroll through the festively lit lanes between the stalls and discover the enchantment of the unique atmosphere.

Prague, Czechia

Visitors come from all over to experience the Christmas markets (vánoční trhy) in Prague. Some unique products that are available at the markets are Christmas ornaments and holiday decorations, traditional Czech blown glass balls, traditional Czech Christmas cookies, tablecloths, Frankincense or the Czech Christmas potpourri called purpura. Some other items on offer are Czech wooden toys, crafts, clothing accessories, scented candles or handmade soap. You can taste some traditional Czech foods that are made fresh right in front of you. Hot wine (svařené víno or svařák), grog, and warm honey liquor called medovina come in handy in the cold weather. Czech Christmas carols add to the festive atmosphere. After dark, the markets are lit up beautifully.

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