The Best European Christmas Markets

European Christmas Markets You Can’t Miss

No one does Christmas markets quite like the Europeans, they’re a feast for the senses. Do yourself a favour and make sure you experience a traditional European Christmas with all the trimmings at least once in your lifetime. We’ve picked out some of the standout Christmas markets you can’t miss.

1. Frankfurt

The Germans in particular love their markets, they’re picture perfect. The Frankfurt Christmas market is one of the largest in all of Germany. It’s also one of the most beautiful, with elaborate decorations and set in the picturesque surroundings of the Römerberg and St Paul’s Square. 

2. Nuremberg

Another legendary German Christmas market. Try the famous Nuremberg sausages and gingerbread (or Lebkuchen), and stock up on gifts like beautifully decorated glass or wooden Christmas tree ornaments. The mulled wine also comes in its own specially designed mug for every year.

3. Prague

Even on a bad day Prague’s beauty is undeniable so it’s only natural that its Christmas markets are just as dazzling. The Old Town Square hosts the main Christmas market against a backdrop of Gothic and Baroque architecture where the mulled wine tastes even better when shopping for hand crafted goodies.

4. Vienna

The Viennese Christmas market at the Rathausplatz, the square in front of the Old City Hall, has a dedicated children’s area where they can learn how to make Christmas cookies or candles. Visit the punch and chestnut stands and just try to stop yourself from getting into the Christmas spirit.

5. Brussels

Brussels Christmas market is Belgium’s biggest. Beneath the fairy light Ferris wheel and vast Christmas tree (a gift from the city of Riga), the scent of chocolate tempts you on from stall to stall – stock up on delicious Belgian chocolates and creative gifts with an eco-friendly slant.

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