Spring Festivals in Europe

In Europe, winter days have passed and sunny days are coming. Spring is full of life in Europe and is the perfect season to discover the most beautiful European destinations and how the coming of Spring is celebrated. Pleasant weather, plants and flowers start to bloom, landscapes transform with vivid green and splashes of colour, tasty seasonal cuisine is prepared and not to mention all the wonderful arts and culture festivals throughout the continent.

As the cold subsides, the Europeans take to the streets to celebrate with festivals of all kinds. Here are some of our favourite spring highlights that Europe has to offer:

Budapest’s Spring Music Festival (Budapest, Hungary)

Known as the greatest of all Hungarians art and culture events, the Spring Music Festival is an iconic festival held in March and April featuring chamber music, classical performances, opera, jazz, ballet, theatre, film and dance, as well as folk music concerts and folk dancing. Running for two weeks with a varied program with world-class performers there is something for everyone! With tickets in high demand, it is best to plan in advance so when you arrive you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

The Fallas of Valencia (Valencia, Spain)

A festival that combines tradition, satire and art brings Valencia to life in March for 19 days for the celebration of the return of spring. Valencia’s streets are filled with large colourful statues and live performers. The Fallas (giant painted figures) are burned in the street amid a frenzy of fireworks and supercharged noisemakers on the 19th March when the festival comes to an end at 1 am.

A festival that is said to be enjoyed with the 5 senses not to be missed!

Prague Spring International Music Festival (Prague, Czechia)

The largest and oldest festival of classical music in Czechia originates back to the first celebrations marking the end of World War ll and the start of spring. Attracting many music fans this festival hosts soloists, famous opera and orchestras from all over the world. The Prague Spring Festival wishes to remain a symbol of hope, just as it was all those years ago.

Apart from experiencing top music presentations, you can delight in the historical backdrop of Prague as the main festival activities are centred in the majestic building of Rudolfinum.

Munich Frühlingsfest (Munich, Germany)

As Oktoberfest’s infamous little sister, Munich Frühlingsfest welcomes thousands of people to Munich for two weeks of beer and food but on a smaller, less crazy scale than Oktoberfest. In addition to the strong and pure German beer and the delicious beer-drinking food, Springfest also features fun carnival rides, a unique flea market where impulse buys are helped by the beer, displays of bright fireworks in the evenings and music performances. Grab a pretzel, grab a beer and party on!

King’s Day Festival (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Come 27 April more than a million people arrive at the city of Amsterdam, most dressed in orange to celebrate Koningsdag (King’s Day) previously known as Queens Day. The national holiday of King Willem-Alexander’s birthday is celebrated with street carnivals of dancing, singing, open-air markets and plenty of exotic foods and beverages. This is the time to experience one of the biggest birthday parties and a chance to witness brightly decorated party boats that fill the famous waterways. This is one event you would want to plan in advance for!

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