Secret Islands of Croatia

Many travelers know that the ethereal beauty of Croatian bedazzling coast and multiple islands and islets along the Adriatic Sea make it a perfect destination for sailing. We’ve put together some of the hot spots suggestions to help you navigate Croatian sea from north to south. However, it’s the lesser known (secret and hidden away) islands that are inspiring many Aussie travelers today.

Today we are uncovering some of the gems in Croatia and visiting secret islands of Croatia you definitely should put on your bucket list.

Dugi Otok: Your Perfect Hideout

Despite Croatia’s growing popularity, even in the summer months, this island well and truly provides travelers with peace and quiet while also plenty of see and do. Undoubtedly, one of the island’s biggest draws is the secluded Saharun beach. Telascica Nature Park is well known for its coves and small islands, as well is its cliffs – the highest of which is Grpascak, at 161m high. Lake Mir is another sight well worth visiting in the Park with its all year round warm salt water. You may also be able to see falcons that nest on the cliffs in Telascica.

Susak: Intriguing Little World

Susak is famous for its sandy beaches, beautiful folk costumes and yellow dust from which the island is made of. In fact, the sand here is one of the kind… and everywhere! This is a true paradise hidden away from most tourists – not many know about this hideout. Interestingly, there are practically no trees on this island – the area is mainly covered with reeds and vines. There is only one village on Susak which consists of two parts: the lower and the upper one. And the island is car-free, there are no roads here and the only means of transport are wheelbarrows. More interestingly, islanders speak their own dialect, which is nearly incomprehensible to other Croats. If you are brushing up on your Croatian you may want to look up a few words on Susakian (is that a word?) as well.

Silba: From Underwater Treasures to the Top of the Island

Silba is considered an unknown destination for many boaters. It’s a beautiful island in North Dalmatia, nestled between the islands of Premuda and Olib. All motorized traffic has been banned from the island except for few agricultural vehicles, so the whole island is a pedestrian zone. This romantic island of only 8.5 km long with a surface of about 15 sq/km hides several beautiful beaches – uncover them all when here. On Silba, in the bay of Pocukmarak, there is a protected archaeological site of ancient sarcophagi. Put your diving mask and fins on and dive into the water. The site is located at a depth of only a few metres. Before you start Googling it, the sarcophagi are stone boxes with a lid, sometimes decorated with a rich relief, which were used in ancient history as tombs. Silba’s most popular landmark is Toreta, a sleek tower with a spiral staircase from which there is a wonderful view of the surrounding islands.

Badija: Tiny Islands with Huge Gems

Badija is home to the beautiful 14th century Franciscan Monastery that greets you as you arrive. Take a walk around the island’s tree lined paths – it really feels like you’re walking through a deserted forest – enjoy your moment of serenity. There is a path around the island –it’ll took you about 2 hours to explore the entire island with a few stops. Bring your walking shoes with you – beaches are rocky here. This is a truly untouched world with no local inhabitants; and it is not possible to stay on the island but that may change – watch this space. And if you are lucky you may bump into the local celebrity – a fallow deer was spotted strolling through.

Pašman: the Cleanest Island in Adriatic

Pašman is another island in lovely Zadar Archipelago, separated from the mainland by the Pasman channel (which contains ten smaller islands) located south of Zadar towards Biograd Na Moru. The island of Pašman was inhabited already in the prehistoric period. There are numerous material remains of the Roman architecture, stone inscriptions and coins which confirm the fact that the island was inhabited during the Roman rule in Dalmatia. This beautiful island is home to the 14th century Franciscan Monastery of St. Dujam and 12th century Benedictine Monastery of St. Kuzma and Damjan. A perk of Pašman and an element that makes it all the more special is the constantly changing sea current, which every 6 hours changes – making the sea at Pašman the cleanest in the Adriatic.

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