Santorini Escape

Unless you’re into the parallel universe theory or believe in extraterrestrial life, which we’re not ruling out, Santorini is the out of this word destination. Why?
The island’s home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, but it also has plenty of affordable accommodation. And of course, the food, the amazing street food – especially gyros or souvlaki – doesn’t cost much but taste like nothing you’ve ever had.

Budget is an important indigent of great travel adventures but a good travel story requires a lot more. Your social media accounts and holiday’s photo albums will be filled with beautiful sunsets. Whether you’re a die-hard outdoorsy type of romantic or prefer to binge on Star Wars indoor, the sunsets here will steal your heart in no time.
We could go forever so instead let’s indulge in some of our favourite photos from this paradise on Earth.

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