Romania and Bosnia: Bargain Skiing in Europe

Skiing in Europe is a truly adventurous experience – it’s a unique combo of rich history and some of the best snowy slopes on Earth. Many mix and match their experience by indulging in some sightseeing, surreal views relaxation and action-packed skiing days. Many European ski destinations have it all.

And some destinations are even more priceless because… well, of their price. Romania and Bosnia are two such places where skiing is a magical enmeshment of exciting history, mind blowing views, top notch skiing and all for a lesser price than most European destinations. Best of all, English is widely spoken as these resorts cater for the United Kingdom market as well as their love for Aussies!

This is all great news for those who want to save and those eager to try something different.

Romania: Best Value for Money

There are two amazing skiing destinations in Romania that have been expanding in the last few years.

Poiana Brasov

Located in the heart of Romania, 2.5 hours north of Bucharest and 13 kilometres from the medieval town of Brasov, Poiana Brasov is Romania’s most popular ski resort and one of the best value for money ski resorts in Europe. This perfect destination offers great skiing and snowboarding combined with an outstanding cultural experience.

The excellent layout of the ski runs allows advanced skiers and snowboarders to really challenge their skills. And the beginners and intermediates get to master the more advanced techniques in a spectacular environment of their own.

Of course, challenging the slopes by day requires a good level of relaxation time. Poiana Brasov has a swimming, sauna, scenic sleigh rides, and walks through the pine forests, discos, and cabaret, tobogganing, paintball, ski school party, excursions to Dracula’s Bran Castle and Sinaia with its fairytale Peles Palace – – whichever type of relaxation works best for you.


Sinaia is located in a beautiful mountainous region, at the foothills of the Bucegi Mountains, about 120 kilometres from Bucharest and 44 kilometres from Brasov, in the Prahova Valley. This is one of the oldest and most famous mountain resorts, and is often referred to as The Pearl of the Carpathians.

Located at an altitude between 767 metres and 860 metres, Sinaia village boasts ski slopes that rise to an altitude of 2,000 metres, on the plateau of the Bucegi mountains – you can expect a thrilling and neck-twisting experience up here.

The winter season in Sinaia starts in December and continues until April. The ski slopes cover 22 km in several valleys: Dorului Valley, Fir-tree Valley, Carp Valley and Sun Valley.

Many travelers here love to have a go on the bobsledding run, which is 1,500 metres long with 13 turns, and a 132 metre elevation, as well as the ski runs of various degrees of difficulty. The high altitude and the white surroundings makes for the perfect place for some sun-bathing during winter. Dorului Hut is also a good starting point for cross country and ski touring.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Eastern European Marvel

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a unique part of the world. The medieval mosques, catholic churches, markets, monuments are reminders of a bygone era. In terms of skiing, you can look forward to 111 kilometres of slopes. Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to Jahorina and Vlasic – two truly magical skiing experiences.


During the Winter Olympic Games in 1984, Mount Jahorina gained worldwide popularity, as it hosted the Women’s Alpine skiing competitions. Three decades later, it continues developing its ever expanding attractions.

The ski season here lasts between December and April, thanks to plentiful natural snowfall. With eight lifts, the Jahorina resort can host more than 17,000 skiers per hour.

Jahorina skiers can choose to ski on light, medium and cross-country trails that are tailored for more experienced and skilful skiers. For adventurers and adrenaline lovers, there is also a night skiing trail with new light installations, allowing you to enjoy your skis even after sunset. You can literally ski night and day here.


Vlasic combines skiing with an active nightlife and other winter activities, including snowboarding, snowshoeing and hiking. It’s conveniently placed near the city of Travnik, and halfway between Sarajevo and Banja Luka (two of the biggest cities in the country). With its alpine-like peaks, breath-taking sceneries and at least five months of snow, this resort has been growing in popularity year after year. Significant peaks here include Paljenic, Decani, and Galicia and each is well marked with numerous routes that are linked to Travnik city by some 25 km of macadamized roads.

When on Mt Vlasic, it is impossible to avoid indulging in traditional gastronomy based on well-known sheep cheese, a main trademark of the region.

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