Introducing Luxury Tours in France

France has long been known for its incredible indulgences – gorgeous cheeses, rare champagnes, a world-renowned art scene and, of course, a fascinating history and rich culture. It is a part of the world where travelers seek, not just to see the sights, but to truly immerse themselves in the French la façon de vie (way of life).

We have partnered with Heart of Alsace Travel to bring you just such immersive and ultra-luxurious tour experiences. Our goal is to show you the amazing sights that France has to offer, while treating you to the ultimate French lifestyle experience. All with ease and simplicity so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

So, let us introduce you to five of our newest luxury tours in France.

Wine Harvest Tour, Champagne

At the height of the grape growing season, the Champagne region is covered in long, well-tended rows of vines that meander over gently rising slopes. It’s an enchanting pastoral sight, and the perfect atmosphere for strolling along little lanes with a wicker picnic basket over your arm.

Beginning in Alsace and ending in Paris, the Wine Harvest Tour offers travellers the opportunity to step into the shoes of a French winemaker.

You’ll learn about the qualities of growing soils, be invited to harvest some grapes and participate in workshops where you can blend wines to create your own “cuvee” (vintage). Of course, you will visit the lovely village of Dom Pérignon, the “Father of Champagne” before ending with the ultimate Parisian luxury experience.

Along the way, you’ll also partake in some of the best food and culture that France has to offer, ensuring you the ultimate French lifestyle experience.

Wine and Gastronomy Tour, Colmar

This tour is for those travellers who adore both food and wine, especially when perfectly paired together. Beginning with “Flammekueche” (Tarte Flambée), an Alsatian local specialty of a dough base topped with a mixture of cream, soft white cheese, bacon chunksand onions, be prepared to have your taste sensations set alight.

Visit Fois Gras Lucien Doriath and see how they make their handmade foie gras (and, of course, sample some paired with gorgeous local wines). Taste the world-famous Bretzel and Alsatian Apple Pie in Colmar, and enjoy an original Champagne and food pairing, in Hautvillers village, considered to be the cradle of Champagne.

Of course, you’ll be taken to glorious sites along the way, including a guided tour of Mont Sainte-Odile, a 760-metre-high peak in the Vosges Mountains which boasts Hohenburg Abbey, a centre of pilgrimage, at its peak, and the medieval village of Riquewihr, the Gem of the Alsace vineyards. And you’ll travel through picturesque villages with green vineyards lying between on your journey down the wine road.

The Wine and Gastronomy Tour is perfect for those who adore fresh, delicious, regional food and wine, set ingloriously French backdrops.

Heritage Discovery Tour, Reims

The Heritage Discovery Tour is the ultimate marriage of history and luxury. Following the wine route between Alsace, Champagne and Paris immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of some of France’s most enduring and beloved historical sites.

Visit cobblestone streets with half-timbered medieval and Renaissance buildings. Stroll through the Humanist Library, listed on the UNESCO Memory of the World register, and lose yourself in the 2000 years of history in the old city centre of Strasbourg, seat of European Parliament.

From mountain top abbeys to medieval castles, from world famous 18th century organs, to the architectural ensemble comprising the Place Stanislas, the Place de la Carrièreand the Place d’Alliance, along this heritage route you’ll find yourself steeped in Europe’s history and culture. And, of course, you’ll also be treated to stunningly delicious food, luxe shopping opportunities and incredible wine and champagne tasting adventures.

Wine and Cycling Tours, Reims

There is almost no better way to truly absorb the stunning countryside of France’s wine route, than from the seat of a bicycle. Imagine cruising along sun-dappled laneways, rows of picturesque grape vines meandering alongside, with stops at local vineyards for a refreshing glass of sparkling Champagne and some local cheeses and fresh-out-of-the-oven baguettes.

Picture yourself cycling through fairytale towns and villages, dotted with half-timbered cottages, overgrown gardens and bubbling waterways and past ruins of medieval castles. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and our Wine and Cycling Tour can help you have it.

Of course, it’s not all cycling. You’ll also visit incredible historical sites, such as the awe-inspiring Reims Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where French kings were coronated during the French Monarchy, and partake in gastronomical wonders, such as “Champagne Alley” in Epernay, home to the most prestigious Champagne House. Your trip will end with a farewell lunch at the luxurious Eiffel Tower restaurant with breathtaking views over the Parisian skyline.

Fairytale Christmas Tour, Strasbourg

There is nothing as magical as France during the Christmas season. The scene is set with twinkling fairy lights strewn over shopfronts and sparkling tinsel strung alongside winding cobblestone laneways. Christmas shoppers stroll amongst the markets bundled up against the cold, a cup of fragrant spiced wine in hand. With our Fairytale Christmas Tour, you’ll have all these experiences and more.

You’ll visit some of the over 70 Alsatian Christmas markets, including Reims, the third largest Christmas market in France where you’ll browse the stalls within view of the gloriously illuminated Cathedral. You’ll explore the Christmas market on the Champs-Élysées, a must-to see with a fantastic atmosphere each season, and the exuberantly Medieval Christmas market at Ribeauvillé where you’ll be immersed in shimmering lights, spiced wine and “bredele” and “manele” (biscuits and small cakes).

Replete with Christmas tastes and sensations, you’ll also have a taste of France’s renowned luxuries, with amazing cellar visits and wine tastings, decadent foodie experiences such as the sweet apple, plum and cinnamon version of “Flammekueche” and glimpses into the fascinating art of crystal making (and even go home with a handmade glass Christmas decoration to remember your holiday).  A must-see is the elegant Place Vendome with its gorgeously lit square as well as the festive narrow little streets that surround it.

France is a stunning country at any time of the year, but Christmas is certainly even more magical.

If you want to book your own luxury experience in France or want more details, just give us a call on 1800 242 353 or chat online.