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Eat Like a Parisian: Top 5 off-the-beaten path eateries in Paris

In January 2008, Dominique left Sydney to embark on an adventure. She decided that it was time to go and spend time in her soul city. She embraced the Parisian lifestyle, being immersed in the free beauty of its hidden boutiques, colourful passageways and architectural wonders.
Paris focuses on design and atmosphere in every detail and embraces all things artisanal and local, especially when it comes to food.
We asked Dominique about her favourite eating spots in Paris. And she didn’t shy away from sharing some of the most delicious eateries in town.
Bon Appetit!


1. Les Enfants Rouges

Les Enfants Rouges Paris image credit es Enfants Rouges

Image credit: Les Enfants Rouges

Les Enfants Rouges is a unique little bistro in the Marais. Its Japanese chef, Daï Shinozuka, is a true gastronome’s gem. Whether you are an experienced French bistro-style traveller or on the path to discovery of Bistronomique cooking, Les Enfants Rouges is the perfect spot to experience this cuisine. Parisian dining delivers style and content, encompassing a complete experience – this is what la Bistronomie is known for – amazing food served in the perfect environment.
Address: 9 Rue de Beauce, 75003 Paris, France
Open: Monday & Thursday to Sunday 12 – 2 pm, 7 – 10pm


2. Chez Prune

Chez Prune in Paris imae credit Time Out

Image credit: Time Out

This is one of the best places to spend an evening on the Canal St-Martin. A delicious lunch with share cheese/charcuterie plates and a hipster vibe is guaranteed.
Chez Prune remains one of those timeless classic Paris spots - fabulous for hanging out and watching people passing by all day long. Whether you're nipping in for a bite, resting your feet or fancying an aperitif in the evening, Chez Prune is just the ticket.
Address: 36 rue Beaurepaire, 75010 Paris, France


3. HolyBelly

Holy Belly in Paris image credit PrettyHungry by Bianca Bridges

Image credit: PrettyHungry by Bianca Bridges

This is one of the street-food meccas in Paris. The diner offers very classic French dishes on the menu like “Aligot et saucisse de Morteau” but also - a southern comfort food like corn bread and beans. 
Sarah and Nico, the young French owners who travelled to Australia, have brought with them a taste of home, with amazing Aussie flavour coffee and food to Paris, diversifying the delicious local cuisine.

Address:5 Rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 Paris, France
Open: Monday - Sunday 9am–5pm


4. Aux Deux Amis

Aux Deux Amis Paris image credit Time Out

Image credit: Time Out

This is a paradise of delicious share platters and natural wine selection. And if you are not into sharing your platter, you can pick your own cheval tartar with lovely tender meat mixed with a raw quail egg accompanied by excellent roast potatoes and watercress salad.
Aux Deux Amis is a classic French bistro, always full of young Parisians – a great opportunity to check out the local fashion trends as well.
Address:: 45 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris, France
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10:30am–2pm


5. Le Barav

Le Barav Paris image credit Le Barav

Le Barav is a great little wine bar in the upper Marais.
This cozy bar’s atmosphere revolves around wine, simple and quality dishes. The plate of truffled ham is always a good bet. In the summer, there’s a great terrace on the street.
Address:6 Rue Charles-François Dupuis, 75003 Paris, France
Open: Monday to Saturday 5pm - 12am

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