How To Stay Connected in Europe

There used to be a time when you would travel overseas and have to make the effort to call or email to let people know you’d arrived safely. Nowadays, we can track each other’s trips abroad from start to finish with the long trail of Insta pics and Facebook posts. So how do you stay in touch with friends and family and share snapchat worthy moments without being met with a tear inducing phone bill on your return home? Two words we all love to hear: free WiFi.

Before you leave

Telstra offers free WiFi overseas for its customers via their partnership with Fon network. All you need to do is download the Telstra Air app before you go, activate it and then connect to any of the Fon hot spots when you arrive. There are hot spots in all the major cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Frankfurt, Budapest, Barcelona and Lisbon.

Whilst not free, but worth mentioning, Vodafone offers its customers international roaming for an extra $5 per day. That means you can use your phone, just like you would at home, in over 55 countries. Your standard plan, voice, text and data inclusions still apply and you can make use of the international roaming for up to 55 days per year.

When you arrive

The first thing to do when you arrive in a country is to turn off your mobile data and data roaming and switch on WiFi connection. Keep in mind that in doing so, you won’t be able to use your GPS, however if that’s a priority then you can always buy a local prepaid SIM.

You’ll find that most places in Europe offer free WiFi in the usual places like cafes, hotels, airports, and of course McDonalds. You can expect WiFi to be available in your room in 4 and 5-star hotels, however 3-star hotels and under are less likely to offer it.

Places like Paris, Helsinki and Florence have a public WiFi network that are easily accessible. Connecting to WiFi in the Finnish capital of Helsinki is password free, while in Paris you can use the WiFi hotspots for up to two hours at a time, as many times as you like.

Note: Any specific carrier information mentioned in this article is purely intended as general advice and is accurate as of October 11, 2017. Customers are advised to check their eligibility for international roaming options and pricing with their Australian carrier before heading overseas.

Now, that’s Wi Fi is sorted, let’s check out a few European gems. How about a traditional Spanish dining experience in Barcelona or extremely cheap and delicious beer in Prague? Or maybe you are on the lookout for the best European Christmas Markets and Ski resorts? We’ve got you covered.

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