Following the Sun: 10 Majestic European Sites

When it comes to majestic sunrises and sunsets, Europe is one of the most amazing spots on the planet, partially because you can swiftly move from country to country indulging in a whole variety of views.

Europe is a kaleidoscope of experiences; and one of the top travel views are sunrises and sunsets. At least, on Instagram!

While it is not easy to select one favourite country in Europe, we’ve put together our top 10 favourite sunshine spots around the Union.

1. Endless Summer in Santorini, Greece

2. Breathtaking Mykonos, Greece

3. Enchanted Zakynthos, Greece

4. Divine Kos, Greece

5. The Fairytale Like Skies in Dubrovnik, Croatia

6. Unforgettable Split, Croatia

7. Unique Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

8. Romantic Spanish Siestas

9. Impressive Sunsets of Barcelona

10. Madrid Never Sleeps

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