Eurochocolate Perugia: Sweetest Time in Italy

Eurochocolate is the event dedicated to chocolate par excellence, the most important of Umbria, if not even of the entire nation.

The annual event has taken place in Perugia, the capital of the Umbria region in Italy since 1993. It kicks off every October celebrating the end of summer, when chocolate consumption begins to grow.

Apart from this delicious celebration, Perugia has a lot to offer. It’s a fascinating city to explore. Perugia is known for its defensive walls around the historic town centre.

The medieval Priori Palace exhibits regional art from the 13th century onward. And of course the Gothic cathedral houses Renaissance paintings and frescoes that are some of the most beautiful gems of this city. In the square’s center, Fontana Maggiore is a marble fountain with carvings of biblical scenes and zodiac signs.

Eurochocolate attracts almost a million visitors to the beautiful city of Perugia. Due to the numerous chocolate lovers during the festival days and the high demand for accommodations, make sure you make all the required bookings in advance – our team can help you do that.

Eurochocolate adopts a different theme each year. It also invites innovation and technology, like the ‘I-Choc’, which contains small gourmet chocolates packaged to resemble the colorful icons on a smartphone.

A highlight for most visitors is the collection of outdoor chocolate sculptures; between all the chocolate used in the artwork and all the chocolate being sold by vendors outdoors, if the weather is warm you won’t be able to walk through town without breathing the chocolate-scented air.

Eurochocolate draws sweet tooth crowds; so get a good night’s sleep before the festival and let yourself enjoy the day. Many hungry (often unorganised) lines typically form for the free chocolate, though not every stand will be completely overcrowded. Bring your patience along and the payoff will be worth it.

Get your CHOCOCARD when at the Festival. It will only cost you 6 euros and get lots and lots of “free” chocolate. We are saying free in quotes because technically you already paid for it. But, you get so much chocolate that by the end of the day, you will think there must be a mistake!.

Chocolate makes you thirsty. Come with your own water so you can focus on what matters… the chocolate. Substituting breakfast for chocolate sounds like fun until the sugar shakes hit. The same goes for lunch! While you could eat a chocolate meal, we recommend putting something else in your stomach like a quick panini so you can get back to business without the chocolate coma.

And of course, just enjoy your sweet time in Perugia – it’s a great time of the year to explore the city and surroundings.

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