Enjoying Museums Around Europe Online

Although a trip to Europe isn’t possible right now, many amazing sites are available online. What a great opportunity to learn more about the places you are planning to visit once the world is opened up to travelers again.

We have been indulging in great virtual Museum tours around Europe, exploring exhibitions we haven’t experienced before, learning new exciting stories and facts, gearing up for future travels.

British Museum, London

British Museum is here to help you discover and explore two million years of human history and culture

Of course, one of the European’s most acclaimed museums is taking their work online. This is great news! This tourist magnet today is working with Google Arts & Culture and some 2,000 leading institutions so that you can take an interactive tour.

You can go on a virtual visit to more than 60 galleries – perfect for creating your own bespoke tour (from anywhere in the world!). See highlights like the Rosetta Stone in the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery or discover gems like the beautiful textiles in the Sainsbury African Galleries.

British Museum offers a whole bunch of other online activities for those missing learning and discoveries.

Anne Frank House, Amsterdam

The Anne Frank House at Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam is where she lived in hiding with her family for more than two years during World War II. Nowadays, the rooms at the Anne Frank House, though empty, still breathe the atmosphere of that period of time. Converted into a museum it contains a sobering exhibition about the persecution of the Jews during the war, as well as discrimination in general.

The secret annexe hidden away behind a specially constructed moveable bookcase where Anne Frank and her family went into hiding during the Nazi occupation comes to life in digital form, while the world is in isolation.

There are so many different ways to experience the famed Anne Frank House from the comfort of your living room. If you have all the fancy VR gear, you can download a virtual reality app for free in the Oculus store and you’ll feel like you’re there. The extensive online version of Anne Frank House is also really good.

Le Musee du Louvre, Paris

Paris’ most famous and largest museum, with its much-loved glass pyramid, had to shut its doors when Europe went into lockdown. But you can still take a virtual tour of its Egyptian antiquities or the Galerie D’Apollon, and some others too.

French Grand Louvre, national museum and art gallery of France, housed in part of a large palace in Paris that was built on the right-bank site of the 12th century fortress of Philip Augustus. During its time as a royal residence, the Louvre saw tremendous growth. Nearly every monarch expanded it. In 1682, Louis XIV moved the royal residence to Versailles, and the Louvre became home to various art academies, offering regular exhibitions of its members’ works. This main function of this grand building remains the same today.

Musee du Louvre is one of the most popular and visited sites in France. If it’s been on your bucket list and you are feeling sour for missing out on visiting it this year take some time to enjoy your virtual walk through this famed place of gathering for people around the world.

Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb

Museum of Broken Relationships is a physical and virtual public space created with the sole purpose of treasuring and sharing your heartbreak stories and symbolic possessions. It is a museum about you, about us, about the ways we love and lose.

The Museum takes a nostalgic look at old flames – and it’s really quite beautiful. Each item on display represents the donor’s ex, and the stories behind them range from uplifting to heartbreaking. The Museum offers a virtual tour through its collection of very specific artifacts, which are all symbolic remains of past relationships. This isn’t your commonly famed landmark but a very entertaining experience in beautiful Croatia available in your living room at the click of your fingers.

Picasso Museum, Barcelona

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is the treasure chest for understanding the formative years of Pablo Picasso. The genius of the young artist is revealed through the 4,251 works that make up the permanent collection. As well as a vast online catalogue of Pablo’s best bits, this temple to all things Picasso offers a 360-degree tour of some of the best-preserved Medieval architecture in Barcelona.

The museum is housed in five adjoining medieval palaces in Barcelona’s La Ribera neighborhood, in the Old City, a formerly very prestigious street home to wealthy merchants and nobility from the Gothic to the Baroque periods. It opened to the public on 9 March 1963, becoming the first museum dedicated to Picasso’s work and the only one created during the artist’s lifetime. Although closed during the Covid-19 lockdown, you can explore its rooms and work virtually.

Many more European museums are currently opening online doors to their virtual tours and exhibitions, giving us a great opportunity to explore galleries many haven’t had a chance to explore yet. Take your time to enjoy your online trips. We’d love to hear what you think.

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