Dining in Greece Post Covid-19

Greece allowed cafes and restaurants to reopen back in May 2020 as part of a gradual lifting of its COVID-19 restrictions to reboot its tourism-dependent economy and help draw in foreign visitors ahead of the summer season. This is great news because eating in and writing about Greece are some of our favourite pastimes here.

There are a million reasons to travel to this Mediterranean Sea paradise – and we find one particular reason especially appealing – Greek Islands’ food. In fact, many of the large islands in Greece are infused with their own delicious gastronomic specialty.

We’ve island hopped tasting local flavours to help you plan your delicious adventure as soon as we can travel again.

Kouvelo in Athens

Every dish at Kouvelos has its own story from the traditional recipes, to modern updates that tell a story about their culinary team, each member of which have left their mark on the kitchen – everyone brings their skill, background and inspiration to the menu. With a tradition of more than 100 years, this restaurant is famous for authentic Greek cuisine with traditional recipes and modern twists.

Kouvelos has reopened its doors since the ease of the COVID-19 regulation back on 1 July 2020. Here, you can dive back into the authentic Greek experience with Greek virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables, herbs, meat and dairy, carefully chosen from small greek farms supporting Greek producers.

Elia in Crete

Once you are back to Crete, visit Elia for some Greek souvlaki skewer, pork in lemon, aubergines, hummus, marinated tuna with ginger. This delicious diner is located in the southern village of Sellia and the owner here only cooks only with products of the region and virgin olive oil.

On the slopes of a hill with a view over the Mediterranean, in the middle of an olive grove and next to the oldest known olive-tree in the world, there is a two hundred year old historical building, where you can find divine relaxation and breathtaking views.

Elia has now reopened their doors to the public together with the most restaurants and bars across Greece.

Lycabettus Restaurant in Santorini

Lycabettus is an adorable elegant restaurant located in the picturesque Oia village, built literally on the edge of the staggering caldera cliffs. And great news – they are opening their doors to visits after a long COVID-19 lockdown, ready to welcome travelers.

Once you visit its arresting dining terrace it becomes difficult to grasp such superlative beauty around you. Here, you’ll find yourself surrounded by an endless blue in this phenomenal location. The Mediterranean menu and the Greek recipes with local products from the island’s rich volcanic soil have captivated many visitors’ hearts. The palatable dishes are accompanied by a large list of fine Santorinian wines as well as wines from the rest of Greece and the rest of the world.

The restaurant is taking bookings already.

Prosilio in Zakynthos

White Fish Roe Mousse with crispy mini prawns, tomato jam and smoked herring roe, Beef Fillet Carpaccio with truffle graviera, roasted onion mayonnaise, topinambur chips, mustard seeds and hazelnut… we are already salivating. Prosilio isn’t only about the food, although food is amazing, it’s also about the experience. Their organic products from the island are combined with the finest of ingredients in order to create unique delicious dishes, while the special wine list and cocktails along with the impeccable service contribute to a memorable gastronomic pleasure

Prosilio has now been opened since June 2020 exercising extra care to ensure good health and safety of staff and visitors. This gourmet dinner-only restaurant, with a boutique interior and a romantic garden courtyard will complete your Greek holidays.

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