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Design Your Europe Travel Bucket List

Design Your Europe Travel Bucket List

Beautiful Santorini, Greece – Europe Holidays

Image: Beautiful Santorini, Greece

Beautiful Santorini, Greece – Europe Holidays

Image: Bucket List – Hollywood Movie, Dec 2007

Did you know that one of the great benefits of booking a tour with Europe Holidays is that you get to make your bucket list come true – we customise many European travel dreams. Over the last 25 years in designing perfect European holidays we’ve uncovered many favourite destinations, bucket list tours and countries and best ways to explore Europe.

Whether you already have your Europe travel bucket list or seeking more inspiration, you are going to love the top five experiences we’ve collected for you.

Croatian Cruise of a Lifetime

Dubrovnik to Split on MS Prestige – Europe Holidays

Image: Dubrovnik to Split on MS Prestige
Source: The Atlantic

Aboard of MS Prestige in Croatia – Europe Holidays

Image: Aboard of MS Prestige in Croatia
Source: MS Prestige

MS Prestige in Croatia – Europe Holidays

Image: MS Prestige in Croatia
Source: MS Prestige Cruise Croatia

Some of the most popular Croatian experiences take place on board any one of many magical cruises. While popular, many travelers have yet to indulge in this unique experience.

You can visit Dubrovnik, Mljet, Korcula, Vela Luka, Vis, Hvar, Bol and Split on board a 5-star category vessel with comfortable facilities and a fantastic Sun Deck, where you are most likely spend the most of your journey. MS Prestige is a yacht-like cruiser that boasts sleek lines, contemporary décor and all needs taken care of with our 8-day tour.

Watching Europe Go By

Main and Rhine River Cruise – Europe Holidays

Image: Main and Rhine River Cruise
Source: APT

Exploring The Entire Europe Aboard a Cruise – Europe Holidays

Image: Exploring Europe Aboard a Cruise
Source: Amadeus River Cruise

Onboard Amadeus River Cruise – Europe Holidays

Image: Onboard Amadeus River Cruise
Source: Amadeus River Cruise

European rivers were the historical ‘highways’ of the continent and are great for some of the best experiences in Europe. Many of our travelers visit Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Wachau, Nuremberg, Cologne, Utrecht and Amsterdam on board of one of the numerous MS Amadeus ships - stress-free travel, beautiful vistas, panoramic views over passing landscapes and much more! The vessel’s extensive Sun Deck and the outdoor, glass-shielded River Terrace offer plenty of room for mental and spiritual relaxation – take a moment to reflect on your life and journeys ahead.

One of the most exciting things on board is delicious food arriving at your convenience - you culinary needs and desires will be taken care of by the elegant Panorama Bar, the Panorama Restaurant and the relaxed Café Vienna, which offer refreshing drinks and lovingly crafted culinary delights from the kitchen, and which will ensure that your every wish is met, around the clock.

The Across Europe from Budapest itinerary is a European bucket list item come true – it combines the ease of travel with so many experiences over 15 days no other tour encompasses.

An Ultimate Mediterranean Paradise

Exploring Athens – Europe Holidays

Image: Exploring Athens, Greece

Exploring Mykonos – Europe Holidays

Image: Exploring Mykonos, Greece
Source: Mykonos Traveller

Shopping in Santorini – Europe Holidays

Image: Shopping in Santorini, Greece
Source: Greeka

For many, Greece associates with stunning Santorini and adventurous Mykonos, mythological creatures and rich history. Greece has been on many people’s bucket list. If that’s you, then you're going to love exploring Athens, Santorini and Mykonos in one go.

Island hopping is undoubtedly one of the best ways to explore gems of Greece – warm turquoise water under your feet and gentle sea breeze in your hair is a great bonus to all the historical sites and interesting places you get to visit.

Greece also harbours the great secret of eternal youth too, or so the story goes, much of which is believed to arise from the Mediterranean diet – something to test for yourself, as each island is infused with their own delicious specialty.

Greece certainly lures curious travelers and relaxation seekers with its untouched sea villages and busy and old Athens.

Our 8-day Greek island hopping includes all the important and stunning sites in Athens, Santorini and Mykonos with all the transfers, hotels and ferries included, to make sure you only focus on your Greek experience.

Throughout Russia with Love

St. Petersbrug, Russia – Europe Holidays

Image: St. Petersbrug, Russia
Source: Dutch Wannabe

The Moscow Kremlin – Europe Holidays

Image: The Moscow Kremlin, Russia

Moscow City – New Business Centre, Russia – Europe Holidays

Image: Moscow City – New Business Centre, Russia
Source: Allen & Overy

Russia has started to make its way on to many Australians’ bucket lists. It’s a huge country that can boast unique experiences you cannot find anywhere else, not only in Moscow and St.Petersburg. Even for those who grew up in Russia, a lifetime isn’t enough to explore it all. This is why we’ve designed multiple tours throughout Russia to help travelers get a good taste of “Euro-asia”.

Russian rich history, delicious food and sheer size – all create this luring atmosphere calling for your visit.

Since Russia is the biggest country in the world, we’ve designed interesting routes for you to explore some of the most memorable destinations within the country and also visit Eastern Europe – the former parts of Russia as well as nearby nations that have contributed to the Russian culture.

From Little Tour of Russia to Imperial Russian Trans Siberian Railway, it is almost doesn’t matter which side of this nation you start from – it’ll be a lifetime experience. The Golden Ring is a popular destination for both Russian and overseas tourists, which takes you back in time, visiting towns in the region that are ancient, and many were important centres in medieval Russia. It’s a fascinating dive into the history of this country.

If Russia wasn’t on your bucket list last year, it’s a perfect opportunity to try something very different. And a new, paperless visa regime is forecasting to make the country one of the world’s top 10 destinations.

If you loved some of the ideas above and would like to know more about them or wish to create your own trip, give our team a call on 1800 411 874 – we’ll be happy to assist.


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