Best Greek Islands Dining

Greece is one of the most stunning sunset destinations in the world. Greece also harbours the great secret of eternal youth, or so the story goes. There are brown bears and quirky traditions in Greece. Nobody really knows how many islands are scattered all over the country but it doesn’t prevent us from finding our favourites. Greece appears in movies and finds a special place in most people’s hearts.

There are a million reasons to travel to Greece – the Mediterranean Sea paradise – and we find one particular reason especially appealing – Greek Islands’ food. Yes, many of the large islands in Greece are infused with their own delicious specialty.

We’ve island hopped tasting local flavours to help you plan your delicious adventure.

Silence of The Fish in Paros

In Greece, they often say good fish has the head on the plate and the tail in the sea meaning that food is made from super fresh ingredients. Anywhere you go you’re bound to indulge in freshly cooked healthy and delicious food.

One such place is The Silence of the Fish, called SigiIkthioslocally – a beautiful restaurant located on a cobblestone promenade along the quaint harbour of Naoussa, where tiny fishing vessels are moored. The décor screams Greece, being white all over and feeling light and calm. Here you can taste delicious and really generous dishes of pasta, cous cous and fish. Be sure to try the meatballs courgettes and anchovies too.

Strofi in Athens

Strofi is one of the oldest restaurants in Athens, located just under the Acropolis. It first opened its doors in 1975 and since, has become a popular spot mostly for its delicious cuisine and the great environment. With a view to the Rock of the Acropolis, Strofi has hosted many famous personalities after their performances in the Theatre of Herodes Atticus.

Some of the signature dishes here include the rustic bread with fava bean puree and fried zucchini with garlic yogurt-cucumber sauce. What a delicious experience!

Etrusco in Corfu

Etrusco has a reputation for being one of the best restaurants in Corfu. This might sound a little too subjective; you’ve got to experience it for yourself. However, let us tell you that Etrusco once appeared among the top 100 restaurants in the world.

One of the most popular appetizers is the octopus or seafood pasta dish. Travellers and locals here also enjoy a meaty pasta dish in tomato sauce, as well as slow-cooked lamb and pork belly.

Housed amidst a charming yard, the restaurant has a romantic al fresco setting with a classy ambiance.The restaurant is surrounded by a beautiful green garden from which the owner and chef of the restaurant finds the raw materials of vegetables, flowers and fruits which characterise his menu.

Castello in Hydra

The impressive 18th century castle over the beach of Kaminia in Hydra hosts a lovely cafe-bar and restaurant with a magnificent view. This multilevel bar and restaurant is set right on the beachfront and serves everything from breakfasts and light snacks to lunch and dinners.

The delicious variety here is impressive, from fresh fish and seafood, grilled meats, delightful starters to traditional Greek plates and fresh salads.The breathtaking sea view, the art-de-la-table, the comprehensive wine list and the overall ambience will definitely delight you.

Hippie Fish in Mykonos

The Hippie Fish is a gorgeous restaurant on the beach of AgiosIoannis, one of the finest beaches on the island with spectacular views of Delos.

This stunning restaurant offers a diverse menu that includes authentic Mediterranean and Greek cuisines. It stands proudly as one of oldest and now most modern restaurants of Mykonos and Cyclades Islands.This is a perfect place to rest your feet over fresh morsels from the sushi bar and cocktails late into the night.

The restaurant is open from May to October, Monday through Sunday, for lunch, dinner and late-night meals.

Meltemi in Samos

This is a traditional Greek family restaurant in the sea village of Kokkari locatedin northern Samos, only a few steps away from the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. This harbour view restaurant specialises in fresh fish dishes. And you can find the famous Greek gyros here as well.

All meals are prepared by the two experienced chefs; the mother and father of the Meltemi “family” ,who also match your traditional meal with delicious local wine to indulge in traditionally Greek dining.

There are so many amazing restaurants in Greece, from traditional Greek cuisine to worldwide flavours.

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