Best Comfort Food in Europe

From pizza to pierogi to paella, Europe has contributed some of the world’s most satisfying comfort food. We’ve put together a few dishes we enjoy the most to help you plan a delicious trip around Europe or a cozy night in with Netflix.

Scotch Eggs

The Scotch egg is said to have been invented by luxury London department store Fortnum & Mason in the 18th century – or was it in fact derived from the Indian dish Nargisi Kofta? There’s a great deal of debate over the origins of this salty snack. One thing for sure though – they’re definitely not Scottish and are perfect comfort food. Scotch eggs were once a simple picnic snack, consisting of a whole boiled egg served in a bread-crumbed sausage meat casing, but now you’ll find them served on beds of lettuce in restaurants across the world. We love them with a good Netflix show on a cold winter night.

Beetroot Borscht

Borscht is sour-tasting cheery red-magenta soup – served cold or hot – that gets its zippy color from its principal ingredient: beets. It can be meaty or vegetarian and typically garnished with a dollop of sour cream and fresh dill. This is such a delicious comfort dish from Russia, Ukraine and Poland that will keep your energy levels up on chilly winter nights.

Polish Pierogi

Pierogi is a delicious Polish food. They are made of a thinly rolled dough with various fillings. A large number of filling types makes this Polish food a snack, spicy first course or even a dessert. Originally, in Poland the most traditional filling are: forcemeat, sauerkraut and mushrooms. There are also some peculiar kinds of a traditional Polish pierogi which have a regional character. For example in Eastern Poland pierogi with lentil filling are well-known. You can really spice up your comfort food eating this winter.

Brussels Waffles

Made with brioche dough and with caramelized sugar chunks inside, its gooey richness makes it so any other toppings such as powdered sugar or whipped cream become completely redundant. Yes, we are talking about waffles! While the first written mention of the Brussels waffle dates back to 1874, it’s pretty safe to say that the doughy treat has been around a lot longer than that. We absolutely love this sweat comfort food – it’s perfect for a movie night this winter.

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