8 Ways to Survive a European Winter

Winter is a sensational time to visit Europe and all her beauty. Visiting Europe during the cold and snowy season can be a challenge for those used to a warmer climate so we have put together some tips for you to survive your European winter holiday.

1. Essentials/what to bring

Think practical and useful such as battery packs – great option in case of unexpected outages on your phone or smart device, cash – make a budget and work out how much foreign cash you will need and shop around for the best exchange rates, smart travel card – choose one with great deals and those that include fee-free travel, or small things like chapstick – because cold = dryness = chapped lips and there’s nothing worse or packing cubes – keeps everything organised and compresses all those winter layers you will need.

2. Bundle up and keep warm!

This one should be a no-brainer. Exploring the gorgeous towns and cities of Europe during winter can be very crisp without having the proper gear. Thermals, well-insulated jackets, beanies, gloves and waterproof boots are all fair play when it comes to a European winter. Remember to stock up and layer up!

3. Be prepared for snow, and lots of it!

What’s winter in Europe without snow?! Being prepared for all types of weather on your winter holiday is essential – the saying goes ‘Hope for the best and plan for the worst’. Unexpected snow and ice can cause havoc on a winter itinerary so having back up plans is key!
Make sure you’ve packed your warm, cosy clothes and wet weather gear so you can hit the ground running.

4. Indoor places to visit

The main reason to travel to Europe during winter is to experience the snowfall or skiing the slopes but it is a great idea to know what sort of indoor places you can visit. Consider trying a hearty regional meal at the local café/bar, visit a gallery, museum or church, tour a brewery or even enjoy your time at a day spa. There are endless options when travelling to Europe and something for everyone! If you are exploring the city keep in mind the extensive metro systems as opposed to see the whole place by foot.

5. Hotels

When searching for hotels for your winter holiday be sure that they have heaters or a fireplace! The last thing you need is to have a freezing cold room during your already chilly holiday. Other facilities to consider would be a bath, cooking facilities and all importantly a kettle to wrap your hands around a hot cup of tea at the end of a day exploring. Your travel agent will know perfectly located hotels to ensure you are centrally located and to have easy access to sightseeing and activities without having to be in the cold for too long.

6. Joining a tour in winter

A great way to travel around Europe during the winter months is to take a tour. However, it’s best to keep an open mind about the conditions at this time of the year. Winter can disturb some routes for tour companies and may even cause travel delays. So consider contacting your tour operator prior to travelling to ensure your tour is still on track with no problems. Booking through a travel agent will be your saving grace here as we can help quickly organise alternative plans if anything should go wrong.

7. Driving or travelling by train in winter

Driving through Europe or even travelling by train during winter can prove to be a challenge. Roads can become covered in a blanket of snow, which can be dangerous if you are not used to this situation. Travelling via train is such a beautiful experience at this time of year but just keep in mind that a back-up plan should be stored in the back of your mind as unexpected weather can cause restrictions on some train lines. It’s best to research the particular route you are travelling prior to departure to ensure the train line is in operation.

8. Insurance

We cannot stress this enough – Travel Insurance is an absolute must for every traveller visiting Europe. It is essential and will provide protection against travel risks, cancellation and delays, luggage, emergencies and most importantly medical expenses. There are many insurance options out there for you and our team will be able to help you choose the right one that suits you and your needs.
Tip: Take out Travel Insurance as soon as you start booking your holiday – this will ensure you straight away and all the way until you return back from holiday.

Don’t miss out on this magical time of year in Europe to see a completely different side of our most favourite continent! By following these tips, you can’t go wrong! And we can’t wait to help you with planning the perfect winter getaway for you. Call our team on 1800 242 373 to help create a winter wonderland itinerary.

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